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Michael F. Quirke & Sons currently operate three aggregate quarries that are strategically located across Kerry to ensure a responsive delivery service to all areas. Our aggregates are produced under an ISO 9001 quality management scheme and we are certified to I.S. EN 13242:2002 + A1:2007 + S.R.21-2014 Annex E. We manufacture aggregates to the following standards:

  • EN 13242 – Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials (S.R.21)
  • EN 12620 – Aggregates for concrete (S.R.16)

In addition to standard specification materials, a range of products are produced including general hardcore, sub-base materials, quarry rock, crusher run, blinding. These products are widely used in the development of infrastructure, private housing, agricultural and commercial sectors. Our products are available in bulk or tonne bags.

Drainage Stones

2ml – 6ml
  • the laying of patio slabs and paving bricks
  • Pipe bedding
6ml – 14ml
  • Also called pea gravel
  • Used for garden paths, driveways and flowerbeds etc.
  • Can be used in small drains
8ml – 32 ml
  • Mainly used for drains, septic tanks and percolation areas
  • Complies with required specification
  • Filter Stone
  • Also used for garden paths, driveways and flowerbeds etc.
37ml – 75ml
  • Used for land drains in large areas such as farms etc.
  • Percolation areas

*Colours may vary depending on which quarry materials are extracted from:

  • Killorglin stone – purple/brown in colour
  • Killarney stone – green/grey in colour

Broken Stones

Broken Stone
  • 50mm Stone
  • 100 - 50mm Stone
  • 100mm Stone
  • 225mm Stone
  • 500mm Stone
Clause 804 Granular Material Type B
  • Sandstone  
  • Limestone
Quarry Screenings & Blinding  
Rock Armour  
Concreting Gravel/ batched aggregate/washed gravel  
Ground Lime  
Screened Topsoil  

Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing available in a variety of sizes

2- 6mm Chips  
6 - 10mm Chips  
10 – 14mm Chips  
14 – 20mm Chips  


We also have many varieties of sand:

Building Sand  
Killarney Plastering Sand  
Horse Arena Sand  
Sand for Sandblasting  
0.0 – 0.2mm extra fine  
0.2 – 0.75mm fine  
0.75 – 1.5mm med  
1.5 – 3.0mm coarse  

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